Welltech for better performance

Our unique technology, developed exclusively with Biotonix’s expertise, allows you to measure and optimize the functional performance of both individuals and groups.

“ Everyone should be able to access 100% of their physical and mental capacities. ”

Sylvain Guimond, D.O., Ph.D.
President & founder


Our innovation for postural analysis for professionals, without physical markers, powered by artificial intelligence.

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Our mobile application to know your BTX index which is an assessment of your overall health. Includes self-assessment of your posture, physical abilities and personality.

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Biotonix’s innovations are the collective result of biomechanical and neuropsychological expertise from Sylvain Guimond, D.O., Ph.D., and Johanne Lévesque, Ph.D., BCN, respectively — both of whom are internationally recognized within their own domains and the authors of multiple bestsellers. Sylvain Guimond has been a sought-after expert and practitioner for over 20 years, in addition to earning a reputation as a world-renowned speaker. Johanne Lévesque is a celebrated researcher, and neuropsychologist specializing in neurofeedback, and is the founding president of Neurodezign. Together, these two joined forces and assembled a passionate team of experts to better utilize the latest innovations in welltech as part of their constantly evolving service offer.

Sylvain Guimond
Sylvain Guimond, D.O., Ph.D.
President & founder

Johanne Lévesque
Johanne Lévesque, Ph.D., BCN
Vice president & partner
Jean-François Normandin
Jean-François Normandin, B. Sc. Kin.
Director, product & services

Sébastien Lacoste
Sébastien Lacoste, Ing.
Director, technology

Vinicius Bordalo
Vinicius Bordalo, Ph.D.
Data scientist & AI specialist


For over 20 years, Biotonix has been developing technological tools to make its biomechanical expertise more accessible to all. We create customized technological solutions designed to optimize physical performance and that are available to all.

In addition to helping people improve their quality of life or performance in sport, we’re helping to reduce the burden placed on communities to improve the overall health of individuals and groups.



Our patented technological tools and unparalleled database allow us to precisely assess each individual.


Between our expertise and our network of certified professionals, we make tailor-made recommendations for improving biomechanical health.


Through follow-ups, training programs, and updating machine learning in real-time, we’re able to constantly improve your performance.


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Biotonix is constantly seeking professional partners to help promote its expertise and offer wider access to its welltech solutions.

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Interested in this innovation?

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Interested in this innovation?

Let one of our representatives contact you