Distributors and Partners

Club Piscine Super Fitness was founded in 1991, and today it employs 2,500 people in 43 stores throughout Québec and in the Ottawa area. Club Piscine Super Fitness is by far Canada’s biggest industry retailer selling pools, spas, garden furniture and fitness equipment. With our wide selection of products, our superstores and our unparalleled customer service, you’re sure to get the best product for your budget, since Club Piscine Super Fitness has excellent buying power.

Is your body the same age as you?

An adequate level of physical activity is an essential component of a healthy mind and body. The schedule constraints of our modern lifestyles can sometimes prevent us from spending the necessary time on both sports and posture. This online applications offers a simple and efficient method to identify your weak points and address them wherever and whenever you choose.

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Énergie Cardio is a Quebec-based company and has been in business since 1985. Today, it is the largest franchise of fitness centres in the province, with more than 75 centres, 140,000 members and 1,600 employees.

Biotonix has developed exclusively for Énergie Cardio the FitTest™ and Équiliforme™, in line with the Company’s approach and philosophy.

iTonix is Biotonix’s exclusive distributor for Japan, with the exception of the chiropractic market which is exclusive to NetCo. Ltd.

In Japan, one of the main healthcare professions is judo therapist which historically treated only professional judokas. The profession evolved through the years and is now officially recognized by the Japanese Government health department. Every year, 5,000 new judo therapists graduate from various schools across the country.

Biotonix developed CarePrint™, a tailored solution for the judo therapy technique.

The EPIC Centre aims a clientele of healthy people who want to stay (primary prevention) and patients who have had a heart attack (rehabilitation and secondary prevention).

University Centers

Throughout its history, Biotonix has worked in close collaboration with renowned University centers and scientists in North America. Some collaborations lead to the development of some key components the Biotonix posture and biomechanical assessment system. The Company’s goal is to ensure that its technology and solutions align with the latest scientific advancements, meet the highest quality standards, and moreover offer the best efficacy.

Biotonix is also very active in the academic world and its systems are used as research, teaching or diagnostic tools in 11 University centres across North America.

The Association des Directeurs Généraux de Clubs de Golf du Québec Inc. has for mission the promotion of the golf club general manager profession by offering to its members training and continuous improvement tools that cater to their needs, as well as representing its members with different organizations and developing collaboration and mutual support proper to any professional associations.

International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association (IHRSA) is the trade association serving the health and fitness club industry. IHRSA’s mission is to grow, protect and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful.