Biotonix’s core technology is a web-based, imaging software system which is easy to use, non-invasive and provides a complete individualized assessment of musculoskeletal form and function, postural deviation detection, and corresponding corrective exercises.

Light-reflective anatomical markers are placed at specific locations on the body, and a series of four pictures from different views are then taken by digital camera. The markers enable gathering data for the biomechanical analysis. The entire process takes a maximum of ten minutes for each individual. The Biotonix application then scans the pictures to extract the coordinates of each marker on the body. These anatomical location coordinates are then sent over the internet to Biotonix data center servers for the biomechanical analysis to be performed.

The Biotonix system computes many fundamental biomechanical variables that allow determining joint compression forces, deviations from vertical and horizontal alignment, and the center of gravity. Muscle functions underlying these biomechanical properties are then analyzed. This results in a Biotonix report which includes a detailed assessment of posture and biomechanics as well as related individualized stretching and strengthening exercise programs, designed to correct and improve postural deviations and muscle imbalances.