Mario Lemieux

Its static work posture should be, in my opinion, the first step before taking a golf course since any muscle asymmetry will have a direct impact on the balance and thus the whole of the game.

Tiger Woods

This is the best software Golf I've seen in my life.

Dr Louise Marcotte, B.Sc., D.C.

Posturetek – Subluxation correction systems
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Chiropractor, specializing in the treatment of spinal abnormalities (scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis)

PosturePrint®, a specialized product also made available at Biotonix, is an essential component of my medical practice.  It allows me to quantify the gravity of postural misalignments in patients and measure the effectiveness of posture and scoliosis rehabilitation therapies while also providing a postural exercise program made-to-measure for each patient.

I also use PosturePrint®’s scientifically accurate measurement as part of my scientific research project on spinal abnormalities and concurrent treatments using the SpineCor® flexible orthesis. In fact, all fifth-year chiropractic students enrolled in my postural rehabilitation class at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières are taught the proper use of this tool.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  For my patients, it makes a world of difference when they can see their picture before and after the chiropractic treatment, or with the SpineCor® dynamic corrective brace.  In today’s digital age, why guesstimate a patient’s progress when it’s possible to do so far more accurately with a scientifically validated tool such as Biotonix’s PosturePrint®?

Gerald J. Drefahl, MS, ATC, NMT, CSCS

Neurophysiologist, Board Certified Athletic Trainer / Sports Medicine, Neuromuscular Therapist (Level 8 NMT), NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – CSCS, USA Olympic Sports Performance Coach, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant - NLC 1
President / CEO, FITT, Inc., Reaction Sports Training, LLC

Biotonix has not only allowed us to increase the accuracy of our postural evaluations, it has allowed us to validate underlying imbalances regarding a person’s posture and then evaluate the imposed biomechanical compensations associated with those postural faults. It has been invaluable in assessing our clients from athletes of all levels (from adolescent to recreational to professional) as well as clients from all walks of life.

To have a tool that can both evaluate and reevaluate an individual in 15 minutes is worth everything. It greatly validates our treatment strategies and methods as well as holds us accountable for that progress. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well Biotonix evaluative pictures are worth millions. You can’t reproduce that kind of data in subjective measurements using antiquated evaluative tools. The digital format Biotonix offers is second to none and has generated more revenue than we could have never imagined.

Jocelyn Glover, B.Sc. Kin., B.Sc. AHN (Dietetics)

Osteopathic Manual Practice (In study)

For my osteopathic clinical research study, I needed a reliable and validated measurement tool that would accurately assess static postural position from a vertical and horizontal plumb line. The design of the study compared clinical significant change in postural deviations between two osteopathic approaches immediately before and after treatment, and one week later.

After much deliberation, careful consideration and guidance from the Biotonix team, I felt that the BioPrint™ was the appropriate biomechanical assessment tool essential for my research project. As a measurement tool it was easy to set up; the light reflective markers were extremely adhesive; there was a comprehensive review of the anatomical placement markers in both document and video format; and each subject assessment took less than 10 minutes. The design of the software program was perfect for my research project as it allowed me to analyze each subject’s postural position immediately before and after treatment and then again one week later, and gave me all the data coordinates needed to determine if a change in positional position was evident.

Paolo Cortoni, orthotherapist

Clinique Orthothérapie Paolo Cortoni,
Granby Tel. : 450.521.6003

Besides being an orthotherapist, I have a Bachelors degree in physical education so I recognize the importance of strengthening and stretching muscles. I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain for many years now and despite all the acquired knowledge, the training sessions and treatments by colleagues, my pain always reappeared.

I decided to have my posture evaluated. OrthoPrint™ allowed me to see my deviations. By using only the exercises suggested by the software, I noted a significant difference in only four weeks.  Even my family and friends noticed a change in my posture.  Now rare are the days I suffer from back pain. My experience convinced me to offer the OrthoPrint™ service to my clients experiencing back problems and chronic pain.

With OrthoPrint™ I can identify the deviations which are not visible to the bare eye and adjust my treatments accordingly, making them more efficient and requiring less appointments to alleviate my client’s pain.

Perry A Cammisa, DC

 I have been using PosturePrint® in my clinic for years. It is one of the most critical exams I perform on patients. People really don’t understand x-rays, but they definitely understand when they see a picture of themselves. Patients get excited when they see a change in their posture; it’s great for patient education. If Chiropractors are working on a patient’s posture, you simply cannot guess.

PosturePrint® is the most accurate way to measure posture. I perform PosturePrint® on every patient. It is one of the technologies that have helped me raise the bar for the level of care we offer.

Stephen Herto, MS, DC


I highly recommend the use of Pre/Post Posture Print® analysis reports by Biotonix. We have used the reports successfully for the last three years on every new patient to accurately document structural/postural correction and provide written exercise instruction to patients. Seeing is believing.

Posture Print® allows patients to know that they are “getting what they are paying for”. In my mind there is no better way to document objective improvement than a 3-D analysis of posture. There service has been excellent and better yet my staff is able to handle everything from A to Z. Do yourself and your patients a favor and get professional with Biotonix.

Dr. Simon kouz, MD FRCPC FESC FACC

Associate Professor. Université Laval
Chief, Department of Specialized Medicine
Chief, Department of Cardiology
Director, Clinical Research in Cardiology

Going through the Biotonix Posture and Fitness assessment was for both my wife and I an extraordinary experience. It greatly sensitized us on the importance of good physical and postural fitness while learning about several aspects of our health. Biotonix has greatly helped us to change our lifestyle based on the excellent recommendations made by these professionals.